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Dramatherapy at Oscailt

Dramatherapy uses theatre to promote growth, self-awareness and positive mental health. Sometimes challenging emotions can impact an individual negatively, causing a person to act out or withdraw. Dramatherapy allows for a positive expression of emotions that can otherwise be overwhelming or difficult to express in words. It provides a safe space for participants to express their feelings and experiences. It helps people to problem solve and set goals. Participants can rehearse healthy interactions and behaviours. It provides individuals with new perspectives, breaking them out of self-imposed rigid and limiting roles.

Drama Therapy with Marianne Marcote

I am a Dramatherapist MIACAT, performer and Assistant Lecturer at Maynooth University. I have clinical experience working with adults suffering from depression, mothers struggling with stress and anxiety and children with special and emotional needs. I am especially interested in women’s mental health issues, parenting and difficult life transitions. I offer individual and group dramatherapy, depending on your needs.


Dramatherapy has been very helpful in order to get to know myself a bit better, also it has thought me to find a better place in my mind and more importantly, in my heart.


Dramatherapy is a creative arts therapy that integrates the person as a whole ? body, mind and imagination as part of its practice.

Sometimes moving away from discussing something just verbally can help us to understand ourselves, our feelings and relationships better. Getting in touch with our creativity can also strengthen our confidence, self esteem and sense of well-being, as well as providing us with new insight and building up our resilience.

Dramatherapy may involve: working with stories and poetry; exploring feelings through conscious movement; ritual structures and mask-making; guided meditation and breath work; creating images with objects or art.

(087) 683 1599.

Drama Therapists at Oscailt – Profiles

Marianne Marcote, Dramatherapy, Psychotherapy, Oscailt, Dublin

Marianne Marcote

Eva Garcia, Energy Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Creative Art Therapist
Integrative Psychotherapist

Eva Garcia

Marianne Marcote, Dramatherapy, Psychotherapy, Oscailt, Dublin


Marianne Marcote

I provide a creative soul-centred approach to Psychotherapy, informed by the principles of Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Psychotherapy, Somatics and Creative Arts Therapy.

This specialised approach to Psychotherapy does not rely solely on talking. A vast number of our past experiences cannot be accessed directly through language because some of these memories inhabit our unconscious mind and body. The language of the unconscious is a language of symbols and can be best accessed through deep meditation and visualisation, creative processes and somatic experiences. Connecting body, mind and soul enables us to access the centre of our being, where healing can take place.

Through a creative, psychotherapeutic and energetic process, I will guide you to gently connect with your unconscious, a process which can ultimately lead you to discover your own anchor, the place you can return to when external reality rattles/triggers/upsets you.

The Transpersonal therapy space offers you a mirror where you can see yourself for who you truly are. My sessions offer a space for you to process life, to heal wounds, to be vulnerable and to grow stronger. I will lead you to a deep connection to your most intimate self, your Real Self.

Sessions may involve:

  • Drawing your emotional map.
  • Healing the emotional recordings that may be keeping your energy trapped.
  • Working on your Transgenerational tree.
  • Harmonising your inner child with your adult self.
  • Heart-centred energy practices to calm the nervous system.
  • Connecting to your embodied creative self to restore your strength and joy for life.

Marianne holds an MA in Dramatherapy, an MA in Transpersonal Therapy and a Diploma in Creative Supervision. She is fully accredited with the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT) and was the former Interim Director and Lecturer at the Dramatherapy MA programme at Maynooth University. She is currently supervising students from the MA in Transpersonal Therapy at La Escuela de Atención, Madrid.

You can request a 20-minute free phone consultation with Marianne by texting her or contacting her through her website:

(087) 6831 599

Languages: English and Spanish

Eva Garcia, Energy Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Creative Art Therapist

Integrative Psychotherapist

Eva Garcia

Eva is an Energy Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Creative Art Therapist fully accredited by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) follows its code of ethics and attends regular supervision. For her is very important her self-care, personal and professional self-growth as a parallel process to help others.

Eva’s humanistic-integrative approach has the aim to help in the spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive levels, and for that she uses a wide range of techniques and methods that enable to work with all dimensions of the client, where all difficulties are placed within a larger context of growth, and deeply trusting in the client’s resilience and inner strength. In Oscailt, she mainly works with her holistic energy and ancestral healing toolkit integrated in the psychotherapy processes or as a one-time session: Reiki master and Seichem energy healing, EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) balancing technique, Psych-K advanced (reprogramming limiting core believes), Pellowah energy healing (shift of consciousness), Pineal Gland Activation and Quantum Biology protocols, and Family Constellations.

She will help you to identify the psychological issue to be treated during the psychotherapy session, taking care to have sufficient time to use these techniques. Be aware that using energy psychotherapy techniques certain changes can be so fast that they require specific psychotherapeutic times and spaces to be integrated in a constructive and harmonious way in a coherent path. The sessions with Eva will help you discover a better way, one that can lead to a life of happiness and fulfilment, helping you to improve your quality of life by promoting high self-confidence, to be more inspired, motivated and empowered, help you to develop successful relationships, to recover from traumatic events, to boost your immune system and energy levels, reduce your stress & anxiety, and help you to transition if you are experiencing important life changes.

She offers sessions in Spanish, Italian and English.

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