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Boat shaped art material container with Art Doll Figure, Art Room, Oscailt, Dublin

Art Therapy at Oscailt

Art Therapy with Margherita La Gioia

I am a professionally qualified Art Therapist and hold a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from Crawford College, Cork Institute of Technology. I am fully registered with the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists, (I.A.C.A.T.) and have successfully completed the Garda Vetting Clearance, as well as the Children First Training.

Previous to this, I hold a professional Certificate in Psychology, a Certificate in Special Needs Assisting, a Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming and a Degree in Artistic Studies. I work as an art therapist in Dublin with children, teenagers and adults in educational settings and in mental health services, using art to support individuals though their challenges, fostering self-agency and empowerment. My clinical experience includes also art therapy in acute psychiatry.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the medium of art to enable people of all ages to access feelings and thoughts that may be difficult to be expressed verbally. I adopt a person-centred approach in which I value the uniqueness of each individual, their difficulties and strengths, in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space. I recognise the importance for all individuals to be able to integrate mind and body in their life experiences.

Art therapy can address issues such as: anxiety, depression, autism, behavioural and emotional difficulties, trauma, bullying, grief and loss. In my art therapy practice, I use a holistic approach and include mindfulness, meditation and gentle movement into the sessions. I am originally from Italy and can provide individual art therapy sessions both in English and Italian.

Margherita is currently on leave. She won’t be taking bookings or answering emails. She will be returning to Oscailt at a future date.



Art Therapists at Oscailt – Profiles

Eva Garcia, Energy Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Creative Art Therapist
Integrative Psychotherapist

Eva Garcia

Eva Garcia, Energy Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Creative Art Therapist

Integrative Psychotherapist

Eva Garcia

Eva is an Energy Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Creative Art Therapist fully accredited by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) follows its code of ethics and attends regular supervision. For her is very important her self-care, personal and professional self-growth as a parallel process to help others.

Eva’s humanistic-integrative approach has the aim to help in the spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive levels, and for that she uses a wide range of techniques and methods that enable to work with all dimensions of the client, where all difficulties are placed within a larger context of growth, and deeply trusting in the client’s resilience and inner strength. In Oscailt, she mainly works with her holistic energy and ancestral healing toolkit integrated in the psychotherapy processes or as a one-time session: Reiki master and Seichem energy healing, EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) balancing technique, Psych-K advanced (reprogramming limiting core believes), Pellowah energy healing (shift of consciousness), Pineal Gland Activation and Quantum Biology protocols, and Family Constellations.

She will help you to identify the psychological issue to be treated during the psychotherapy session, taking care to have sufficient time to use these techniques. Be aware that using energy psychotherapy techniques certain changes can be so fast that they require specific psychotherapeutic times and spaces to be integrated in a constructive and harmonious way in a coherent path. The sessions with Eva will help you discover a better way, one that can lead to a life of happiness and fulfilment, helping you to improve your quality of life by promoting high self-confidence, to be more inspired, motivated and empowered, help you to develop successful relationships, to recover from traumatic events, to boost your immune system and energy levels, reduce your stress & anxiety, and help you to transition if you are experiencing important life changes.

She offers sessions in Spanish, Italian and English.

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