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One-to-One Mindfulness Sessions with Fidelma Farley

Fidelma Farley, who has run mindfulness courses and workshops at Oscailt for many years, is now offering online one-to-one sessions in mindfulness. With one-to-one sessions, you get individual attention and support, and the sessions can be adapted to your particular needs. During the sessions, you’ll learn meditations and ways of bringing mindfulness into your everyday life. You’ll get support in developing your mindfulness practice, with the opportunity to ask questions and to explore creative ways of approaching difficulties and increasing your capacity for contentment and appreciation. I also do mindfulness for chronic pain and/or long-term health conditions, and mindful eating.

Sessions take place in person at Oscailt Integrative Health Centre on Monday mornings, and on Zoom at all other times. An in-person 55 minute session costs €75. A 55 minute Zoom session costs €60, and a 30 minute session costs €35. There is a discount if you book and pay in advance for several sessions. You can do as many or as few sessions as suits you, though it generally takes a few sessions over a few weeks to start to see change.

Not sure if this is for you? Try a 15 minute taster session, at a cost of €20.

For enquiries and bookings, contact Fidelma at 087 683 4717 or fidelma.farley@gmail.com.

Mindfulness Teacher – Fidelma Farley – Profile

Fidelma Farley, Mindfulness Instructor, Oscallt, Dublin
Mindful­ness Teacher

Fidelma Farley

Fidelma Farley, Mindfulness Instructor, Oscallt, Dublin

Mindful­ness Teacher

Fidelma Farley

Fidelma is an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teacher (since 2008) and an accredited Life Coach (since 2016). My mindfulness and compassion practice, as well as my Buddhist practice, have sustained and nurtured me through life’s ups and downs, including family life and periods of mental and physical health difficulties. As a coach, I am regularly coached myself and find the process invaluable in keeping my life and work in tune with my values. No matter what your circumstances, I believe strongly that living a life that is meaningful to you is the foundation of wellbeing. In my mindfulness, compassion and coaching work, I help people to become more self-aware and kinder to themselves, and to grow, develop, thrive and flourish in their own unique way. I run courses and workshops (online and in person) in mindfulness; mindfulness for chronic pain and long-term health conditions; mindful eating; one-to-one mindfulness; one-to-one coaching and coaching in nature.

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