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Hypnotherapy and NLP

NLP and Hypnotherapy at Oscailt

What Is NLP?

NLP is the use of a collection of powerful tools and techniques such as meditation, visualisation and hypnotherapy, which can help increase personal effectiveness.

  • Neuro: refers to the way our mind and body interact.
  • Linguistic: refers to the insights that can be gained into a person’s thinking and behavioural patterns by observing their use of language.
  • Programming: refers to the thinking and behaviour patterns which people use in their daily lives, (their programmes).

The intention of NLP is to empower the individual to awaken and to fully embody their true potential.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness whereby the subject experiences deep mental and physical relaxation. This state facilitates the subconscious in communicating with the conscious mind. Hypnosis allows the subject to focus intensely on a particular memory or thought without distraction. Subjects also become more open to suggestion. Hypnotherapists use hypnosis as a psychotherapeutic tool to address emotional disorders, psychological problems, unwanted feelings and unhelpful habits. It allows a person to draw on the inner resources needed to develop alternatives to ingrained habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. Imagination, story telling, metaphor, symbolism and direct suggestions are all used to aid beneficial change.

Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioners – Profiles

Ger Griffin, Hypnotherapist, Oscailt, Dublin

Ger Griffin

Martin O'Neill, Hypnotherapist, Oscailt, Dublin

Martin O’Neill

Ger Griffin, Hypnotherapist, Oscailt, Dublin


Ger Griffin

I have been working as a hypnotherapist for over ten years. I have an advance Diploma in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy and am a member of the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association – one of the biggest and most regulated hypnotherapy organizations in Ireland. The only recognised registration body in Ireland for the European Association of Hypnotherapy [EAHP]. Also Garda vetted.

I really believe we all have the ability for great change, to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

Hypnosis helps you to identify negative and self-sabotaging programs and replace them with new positive and effective habits. Accessing your own mind’s medicine. My aim is to help you reach your full natural potential, by overcoming any unwanted habits, beliefs or emotions that stand in your way.

I find hypnosis most useful for helping clients change their emotional state. From anxiety to calm, from upset to feeling free, from feeling depressed to feeling happy. Directing positive suggestions deep into the subconscious. It gives me great satisfaction seeing the transformational healing power being released within a client sitting four feet in front of me. Using integrating techniques from classical hypnosis, CBT, Hypno-analysis, Kinetic shift, Mindfulness, NLP, EFT and solution focused hypnotherapy.

My area of experience includes Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression, Stress, Bi-Polar Depression, PTSD, IBS, Low self-esteem, Weight loss, Stop smoking, Fussy eating, IVF, all major fears and phobia.

Always available to arrange a phone consultation, with no obligation to book

Tel:(086) 731 0053

Martin O'Neill, Hypnotherapist, Oscailt, Dublin


Martin O’Neill

Martin is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, and enables people to make positive changes to their lives.

His approach is based on the following Concepts:

People are perfect. It’s their thoughts, feelings and behaviour that need adjustment.

Each person has within them the solution to their problem or challenge. They just need help in discovering the solution.

Each person has a unique set of resources. By recovering and applying those resources leads to a happier, more fulfilling life.

His areas of focus include:

Stopping Smoking, Losing Weight, getting rid of Phobias and Panic Attacks, Dealing with Trauma, Stress Management, Increasing Confidence, Public Speaking, Exam Success and Improved Sports Performance.

Martin has worked in the Health and Wellbeing field for over 22 years.

His qualifications include: Practitioners Diploma in Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Diploma in Holistic Medicine.

He is a Fully Registered Member of: The Irish Hypnotists Register, The Hypnotherapists Register, The British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP.

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