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Mediation at Oscailt

All inter-personal disputes, to include family and child inclusive practises.
The development of Mediation has seen a dynamic break-through in providing a different option to resolving differences between family members or friends/neighbours. Mediation is such an effective way of resolving disputes as it fosters resolution through negotiation rather than confrontation, thereby creating resolutions that last.

It’s voluntary, confidential, impartial and focuses on the needs of the whole family. It’s empowering and solution focused. Consultations last between one and two hours.

Cross-Professional Supervision – Wisdom Model

Transformation learning through contemplative, collaborative and creative learning using creative modalites.

For many years, supervision has been firmly established in its “denominational silos” where counselling supervision is provided for counsellors, social work supervision for social workers, as each profession sets up and organises how supervision is applied to its membership.

Cross professional supervision intentionally crosses those boundaries and sees supervision as a profession in its own right, where supervisors and supervisees are able to work cross professionally. This approach redefines what is at the heart of supervision and moves it from an appendage of each profession to a transformative learning process applicable across professions.

Dr. G. Holton

Mediation services are currently unavailable at Oscailt. Please check back at a later date or contact reception for more information.

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