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The Singing Body

The Singing Body is a four week series of classes with Regan O’Brien. The classes will take place on Sunday Mornings from the 10th of January until the 31st of January, (11am to 12pm). The fee is €18 per class. You can book online using the booking form below.

This initial weekly on-line series will comprise of 4 x 1-hour embodied vocal workshops which will open and activate the natural vocal resonators.

Increase breath and vocal support, pitch and tone, grounding and balance.

In this series of classes Regan will be sharing techniques and processes drawn from 20 years of research and practice of embodied voice and breath work, movement practice, somatic body-voice integration and vocal reflection practices.

Resonant Chambers:

The air filled Spaces inside your body where the voice vibrates to create tone are called the resonant chambers and we have about 8 of them. Connecting with the Space in your internal landscape, we will attune to the physical feeling of vibrating your voice in the body improving vocal tone and pitch balance.

Noticing any emotional reverberations occurring we will focus on Self-Compassion inviting balance, stillness and reconciliation through integrated breath work, guided somatic movement and vibrational singing.

You will learn the skills to ground and balance the body through supported breath and voice work, opening and activating the resonant chambers in your body to create a sensation of physical harmony. A slow mindful vocal movement to resonate your body harmonics and vibrate into balance.

Each class will focus on specific combination of resonators in connection with an appropriate movement practice and will be approached from the perspective of the cellular body, the moving, feeling, singing body.

Through poetic movement, toning on vowels and breath-focus we deepen our connection with our internal landscapes. It is a wonderful feeling to consciously experience the symphony of vibration possible through the singing body.

To be attuned is a whole-body experience.

This series of workshops is a nurturing and energizing way to reconnect with the power of the voice as a means of balancing, grounding and releasing energy through the joyful expression of the voice.

Regan O’Brien Bio

You can check our Body and Movement section for more information about Regan O’Brien.

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The Singing Body - 1 Session €18

The Singing Body with Regan O'Brien - 1 Session

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Jan 24 2021


Sundays, Jan 10 - 31
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


€18 (1 Class)


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