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The Singing Body Workshop

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Figure 8 Cross Vibration - Image Detail - Artwork by Megan Watts Hughes

The Singing Body Workshop

Artwork, Figure 8 Cross Vibration, courtesy of Megan Watts Hughes.

The Singing Body is a workshop facilitated by Regan O’Brien. It takes place on the 29th of May and runs from 10.30 am until 1 pm. The fee is €65 for new clients. Existing clients will be charged €50. Please contact Regan for booking information.

About the The Singing Body Workshop

The workshop takes us into the world of practicing owning our own voice as a whole body experience. The Singing Body is a gentle investigation into the relationship we have with our voice as a way of expressing ourselves, of communicating meaning and of gaining personal insight, balance and grounding. We practice through movement, breathwork in the yin-style and vocal sounding.

The course is open to participants interested in Regan O’Briens approach to developing our range of vocal expression and who are interested in the experience of integrated voice and movement work.

Guided by Regan O’Brien who is a very experienced and supportive teacher, participants will explore and develop awareness of the dynamic sources of the voice inside the body and the imagination. Regan’s work draws especially on laboratory theatre techniques and vocal toning that can help uncover new ways of linking body, breath and voice. Her deep understanding of somatic body-voice practice and resonant vocal therapy provide a safe place to really attune to the feeling of our authentic voice in a group setting.

Regan’s approach to voice and breath practice is ‘psychophysical’ so the imagination will always come into play in the form of visualisation and narrative stimulation for exploring the potential range of your vocal expression. Regan provides a supportive space and clear guidance for developing our awareness of the body-in-action and its connection to vocal exploration and discovery .

There will be warm ups and a focus on gentle group movement to build our dynamic. We will attune to our individual sounds within a group setting, so there is no soloing unless anyone wants to. We will explore breathing techniques, sounding together and short, structured improvisations as well.

Awakening awareness of the body as a vital space where our sound originates and resonates, helps to build a deeper connection to the voice, so that it can become a medium for transmission, nourished and fuelled through genuine roots in the body.

You will learn about:

  • Warming up the body and voice
  • Attuning to your voice vibrating inside the body
  • Breathing technique for supporting your voice
  • Balancing the voice across all of the natural resonant chambers in the body
  • Physical posture and grounding for ease of producing voice
  • Vocal characteristics and textures
  • Vocal ‘flow’ and taking the path of least resistance when producing voice
  • Balancing the voice resonance inside and outside the body
  • Being present in the space as you are ‘playing with’ your voice

Instagram thank you from Singing Body course participant - The Singing Body

Booking Details and Information

The workshop is limited to 12 places. To book a place on this course please contact me at regsobrien@gmail.com.
The workshop will take place at Oscailt Integrative Health Centre. Please bring water and a journal. Wear clothes you can move in. I am really looking forward to having a good sing with you all.

Regan O’Brien Bio

You can check our Body and Movement section for more information about Regan O’Brien.


May 29 2022


10:30 am - 1:00 pm


Regan O'Brien


Regan O'Brien