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Figure 8 Cross Vibration - Image Detail - Artwork by Megan Watts Hughes

The Singing Body

Artwork, Figure 8 Cross Vibration, courtesy of Megan Watts Hughes.

The Singing Body is a six-week series of classes, exploring Embodied Voice and Breath Work, with Regan O’Brien. The classes will take place on Sunday Mornings from the 9th of May until the 13th of June, (11am to 12.30 pm). The entire course costs €210. There is a drop-in fee of €45. Please contact Regan for booking information.

About the The Singing Body

The Singing Body is a guided exploration into experiencing the voice-body connection and finding the expression of our true voice. Always attempting to attune to the physical sensations of expressing ourselves through voice.

Always attempting to ground ourselves through practicing self-compassion in the times when we aren’t sure. It is accessible to both absolute beginners and advanced voice work practitioners. There is space for each learner to engage at their own pace and at their own level.

The Singing Body seeks to open space in the body through movement and breath work and then invite the voice to gently vibrate into that space. Allowing the vibration to deepen the body-voice connection creating a sense of presence and confidence in voicing.

Paying attention to the nuance of the dialogue between the breath-support and the vibration of the voice, we create an opportunity to deepen the experience of flow: A sense of accepting, allowing and attuning to our vocal expression as it happens.

A way to express our true voice. Our soul voice.

The next workshop will pay attention to the voice-pelvis connection as a starting place for exploring our soul-song: The natural, organic sound of your moving, feeling body.

Over the 6 weeks we will develop our soul sounds, embracing and experimenting with the range of vocal movement we are capable of creating: Playing with melody, movement, rhythm and chant. Softening into the moving body and deepening our experience of our true voice.

In these sessions:

We practice a range of breath work techniques to support the voice. This allows longer vocalisations to resonate through the body, stimulating the vagus nerve to promote our rest and digest response.

We will always find a bit of time to dance! To raise energy and generate more freedom in the voice. Making time to be present and explore the range of poetic sound and movement we are capable of creating.

Dancing body- dancing voice. We will let the voice wander, explore and rest in repetitions, mantras and melodies.

Being present with our voices in space: Finding the relationship with our voice and how it resonates in the rooms we are in.

Celebrating the experience of feeling free to express ourselves vocally. Being present in our experiences and allowing our imaginations to roam through the practice.

  • A place to let your inner-artist grow.
  • A place to express yourself.
  • A place to connect with self and others.
  • A place to practice and make mistakes.
  • A place to sing your heart out.

It is my aim to shed light on the different path-ways to connecting with the voice. To tread lightly on the moment and make space for new experiences to happen in the session.

Regan O'Brien, Embodied Voice and Movement Coach, Oscailt, Dublin

Booking Information

To book a place on this course please contact Regan O’Brien at regsobrien@gmail.com.

Regan O’Brien Bio

You can check our Body and Movement section for more information about Regan O’Brien.


May 09 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Regan O'Brien


Regan O'Brien