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Figure 8 Cross Vibration - Image Detail - Artwork by Megan Watts Hughes

The Singing Body

Artwork, Figure 8 Cross Vibration, courtesy of Megan Watts Hughes.

The Singing Body is an eight-week series of classes, exploring Embodied Voice and Breath Work, with Regan O’Brien. The classes will take place on Sunday Mornings from the 21st of February until the 11th of April, (11am to 12.30 pm). The entire course costs €240. There is a drop-in fee of €45. Please contact Regan for booking information.

About the The Singing Body

The Singing Body is a gentle investigation into the relationship we have with our voice as a way of expressing ourselves, of communicating meaning and of gaining personal insight, balance and grounding. This course is based in the creative embodiment of voice and breath. Session lengths will vary between 75 and 90 minutes.

You will learn about:

  • Warming up the body and voice
  • Attuning to your voice vibrating inside the body
  • Breathing technique for supporting your voice
  • Balancing the voice across all of the natural resonant chambers in the body
  • Physical posture and grounding for ease of producing voice
  • Vocal characteristics and textures
  • Vocal ‘flow’ and taking the path of least resistance when producing voice
  • Balancing the voice resonance inside and outside the body
  • Being present in the space as you are ‘playing with’ your voice

Working with sounds, songs and poetic movement, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how to notice the feed-back from your body-voice and make adjustments to help ease the flow of your voice.

We will learn skills and techniques for being present with the voice, noticing the impulse to express ourselves and our sense of entitlement to express ourselves and be heard, communicating without judgement.

Each week there will be a structured and creative reflection period. We will be making time to contemplate the session and notice the effects of the experience.

Testimonials from The Singing Body Introduction:

I feel in my body after our sessions and I feel warm and connected in myself, there is a dissolving of what is tightly held and stuck in me. Thank you so much for this work over the winter. It has been my lifeline.

Just wanted to acknowledge that the sessions are definitely tapping into some kind of childlike innocence around sound or movement – I’m reluctant to overthink it but I come out of them lighter and brighter I guess. It could be the online environment makes me less self conscious maybe..I don’t know..but something definitely shifts, are you bringing us along with your lovely energy maybe?

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying these sessions. Something really shifted in my energy after the first one. Thank you for offering these classes, they are really beautiful and so gently held.

Thank you so much for this, and for the gorgeous session last week. It’s been ages since I did a workshop specifically focused on voice, and I found it such a great release.

Instagram thank you from Singing Body course participant - The Singing Body

Booking Information

To book a place on this course please contact Regan O’Brien at regsobrien@gmail.com.

Regan O’Brien Bio

You can check our Body and Movement section for more information about Regan O’Brien.


Mar 07 2021


Sundays Feb. 21 to Apr. 11
11:00 am - 12:30 pm




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Regan O'Brien


Regan O'Brien