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Introduction to Angel Card Reading Course

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Abi Beri Angel Card Reading Course - cards with angel ornament, flower, candle and crystal.

Introduction to Angel Card Reading Course

Introduction to Angel Card Reading Course – facilitated by Abi Beri, (Holistic Therapist, Family Constellation Facilitator, Wellness Consultant). The class will take place on Friday, May 31, from 7 pm to 10 pm. There is a fee of €35. See booking details below.

About the Introduction to Angel Card Reading Course with Abi Beri

Step into the enchanting realm of angelic communication with our Introduction to Angel Card Reading course. Guided by IET Master Instructor, Abi Beri, this workshop is a doorway to understanding and connecting with the celestial messengers through Angel Cards.

Workshop Overview:

  • Duration: Set aside the evening from 7pm to 10pm for a session filled with comprehensive learning, hands-on practice, and enjoyable interactions.
  • Content: Delve into the history and significance of Angel Cards within various spiritual traditions, understanding their role as a bridge for clearer communication with the angelic realms.
  • Open to All: Whether you’re new to the concept of Angel Cards or have dabbled in spiritual practices before, this workshop is designed to welcome everyone interested in deepening their spiritual connections.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Foundations of Angel Cards: Gain an in-depth understanding of what Angel Cards are, including their origins, purpose, and how they differ from other divination tools.
  • Harnessing Intuition: Learn techniques to tap into your intuition, allowing you to accurately interpret the symbols and messages on the cards, fostering a direct line of communication with the angels.
  • Practical Application: Participants will not only learn about the theoretical aspects but also engage in practical exercises to perform readings for themselves and others, under the guidance of Abi Beri.
  • Creating Community: The workshop is also a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with fellow enthusiasts, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
No previous experience or knowledge of Angel Cards is required, making this an ideal starting point for beginners. Participants are encouraged to bring their decks for the workshop.

I am Abi Beri, an IPHM accredited Integrative Holistic Therapist and a devoted facilitator of transformative healing courses. My journey is not just professional; it is deeply personal. Having navigated my own life’s challenges, I have witnessed the profound resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of addressing energetic imbalances to reclaim health, vitality, and a sense of profound peace.

Booking & Information

The course fee is €35, including all the materials you need for an engaging and enlightening session. You can book online using EventBrite:

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For further information you can contact Abi by phone, email or the contact form on his website:

(083) 356 9588




May 31 2024


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Abi Beri
Abi Beri