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Finding Your Inner Peace

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Ekaterina Voznesenskaia - Wellbeing Instructor at Oscailt, Dublin

Finding Your Inner Peace

Finding Your Inner Peace – A five week wellbeing course, facilitated by Ekaterina Voznesenskaia. Classes take place on Wednesdays, 7 pm to 8.30 pm in Oscailt, and begin on the 8th of February. The fee is €125 – see booking details below.

The course is facilitated by Ekaterina Voznesenskaia, a Therapist, a Qigong Instructor and a Poet. The course is meant to support everybody looking for peace in their lives, who may sometimes feel lonely, hopeless and in pain, searching for a source of healing from past challenging experiences.

Finding Your Inner Peace – Course Details

Based on Ekaterina’s in-depth research of the concept of ‘Inner peace’, upon Viktor Frankl’s therapy of meaning and upon the mindfulness practices of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Shauna Shapiro and Stefanie Stahl, the course is meant to help you come to a more peaceful and loving sense of yourself, feeling more in tune with yourself, getting more clarity about what is important and meaningful for you and what else you would like to discover and bring into your life.

My course provides holistic healing – on a soma, psycho and spiritual level, integrating Viktor Frankl’s therapy of meaning, unleashing your inner strength and confidence, coming to the realisation of your own personal uniqueness and bringing to yourself a sense of infinite love to yourself and to the other people.

The course is meant to support you when you are:

  • Looking for a sense of deeper peace and harmony within yourself
  • Feeling lost, lonely and in despair due to challenging life situations
  • Lacking a sense of meaning and purpose in your life
  • Looking for deeper connection with yourself
  • Living on autopilot and aiming to change it

Each week we are exploring and practicing a particular concept: inner strength, your personal uniqueness, infinite love, meaningful life and inner peace which when being lived through, is leading to a deep sense of inner peacefulness and harmony within yourself. We will be exploring each concept, enriching and enhancing your experience of coming to your inner peace.

Sharing your experience and your thoughts with the group is a key part of the course. There is invaluable connection with the like-minded people and a sense of support.

Gentle meditative practices, breathing techniques including Qigong, poetic reading, sound healing will help you deepen and enrich your experience, bringing something valuable and new into your life.

There are a lot of benefits of the Logotherapy and mindfulness practices:

  1. Positive change in your relationship with yourself and other people
  2. Greater confidence in yourself and increased self-esteem
  3. Higher clarity and understanding of what is and is not meaningful for you in your life
  4. Higher emotional, mental and physical stability
  5. Shift toward a growth mindset

When we are ready to take the first step to the change, this change has already begun, in this very moment. And this is your journey toward a peaceful, meaningful and fulfilled life, in harmony with yourself, with your true self.

Booking & Information

You can book online using BookingHawk.

Contact Details & Information


(083) 400 2813



Feb 08 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Ekaterina Voznesenskaia


Ekaterina Voznesenskaia