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Drop-in – Coming out of Lockdown with Mindfulness

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Drop-in – Coming out of Lockdown with Mindfulness

Coming out of lockdown with Mindfulness – an online event facilitated by Carmel O’Hara. This five-week course will take place every Tuesday on Zoom, from June 1 to June 29, 6 pm to 7 pm. One payment of €50, €40 or €30 will cover all five sessions. You can choose the amount based on what you can afford. Please book online using the booking form below.

The last year has brought challenges for many of us, we may have experienced alienation, loneliness, family illness, loss of income and a host of other difficulties. It has also been a time of slowing down and connecting with ourselves in ways that may have escaped us in the familiar busyness of our lives. Many people have remarked how their practices of mindfulness and compassion have been a deep resource which helped them not only cope but flourish during this past year.

Though mindfulness is a simple practice it is not always easy to sustain over time. The more we understand mindfulness the easier it will be to keep our practice alive. This in turn will help us to feel our aliveness and live with greater ease.

Over the five Tuesdays in June Carmel will explore the 9 foundations upon which the sustained practice of mindfulness is built. If you would like to deepen your understanding of mindfulness and live more fully join Carmel during June drop-in.

Carmel O’Hara MSc (Mindfulness), M. Med Sc/Psychotherapy. Carmel is a systemic psychotherapist and mindfulness facilitator. Practising mindful awareness on a daily basis is central to Carmel’s own wellness both mentally and physically. Carmel works in many diverse areas in her clinical and mindfulness work. In her mindfulness work she is particularly interested in supporting others to become more resilient with regards to dealing with the challenges of daily living. Becoming more compassionately aware of our relationship to challenge allows us more agency over our lives and in our relationship with others.
We are offering 3 different pricing tiers as people may be experiencing financial difficulties at this time. You may pay €50, €40 or €30, depending on what you can afford, to support Oscailt in these challenging times. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. We want to be as inclusive as possible. If you cannot afford to pay please contact the office and we will send you a Zoom link.


Jun 29 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Carmel O'Hara


Carmel O'Hara