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A Quartet of Seasonal Retreats – Winter

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Seasonal Retreat Winter

A Quartet of Seasonal Retreats – Winter

A Quartet of Seasonal Retreats – Winter / An Geimhreadh, facilitated by Fidelma Farley. This event takes place on Sunday November 27 and runs from 10 am to 2 pm. The fee is €60. Please contact Fidelma for booking details.

About A Quartet of Seasonal Retreats

Tune in to the changing seasons in these four short retreats on the themes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The last two years of the pandemic have made many of us more aware of our natural surroundings and the changes that each new season brings. Feeling our connection to our surroundings brings us closer to the flow of life itself and to a greater appreciation of our planet. As well as guided meditations, we’ll spend some of the time outdoors in the beautiful garden in Oscailt. These retreats are a way of chiming with what’s happening around us to pause, explore, and allow our inner and outer experiences to harmonise.

Winter / An Geimhreadh – Silence & Stillness

In the Winter, nature hibernates to conserve energy. We too can retreat into stillness and silence, nourishing our inner world with attention and kindness to sustain us in times of darkness. There will be short periods of silence on this retreat, as well as guided meditations.

Booking Details & Information

To secure a place, please contact Fidelma:


(087) 683 4717

Fidelma Farley: M.A., PhD Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach. My motivation is to help people live meaningful and happy lives – this is what fuels my mindfulness and loving kindness work with groups and individuals, and my work as a Life Coach. I have a particular interest in mindfulness for health conditions; loving-kindness; mindful eating; and coaching for living a more meaningful and harmonious life.


Nov 27 2022


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Fidelma Farley


Fidelma Farley