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Yasai performing with musicians.

Voice Movement Work at Oscailt

These Voice Movement Work sessions are a safe place to invite the power of your own voice, your sound and movement to emerge, a truly freer expression of yourself, through the mediums of somatic voicework and movement. Yasia is trained in both Voicework, conscious movement and Movement Medicine – see for more information on this beautiful body of work.

No need to have any singing or dance experience, we work with the premise that you already know from deep inside you, how to express through these mediums as they innately belong to each one of us, our birth right, rather than the privilege of a few.

These sessions are run for groups and for one-to-one work.

Whilst these sessions are deeply therapeutic in nature, they are not therapy. Should you need more one to one support of that kind, please avail of it. Also please note you are responsible for your physical well being – if you do have injuries of any kind please be sure to let Yasia know and to bring appropriate supports and participate in ways that are manageable for your body.

Voice Movement Trainer – Yasai – Profile

Yasia Leiserach, voice movement coach, Oscailt, Dublin
Voice Movement


Yasia Leiserach, voice movement coach, Oscailt, Dublin

Voice Movement


Yasia is a voice movement coach and facilitator. Her passion is to empower others to find their voice — the instinctive and intuitive voice as well as the literal. She offers one-to-one voice work sessions and group sessions to connect to and open the voice, (excellent for self confidence), to provide access to more power and autonomy, and for transforming difficulty through sound.

Yasia leads Kirtan, a call-and-response chanting performed in India’s Bhakti devotional traditions, in Ireland, the UK and Thailand. She has over twenty years of dance experience in multiple disciplines including ballet, movement as meditation, shamanic dance and whirling Dervish training. 

Yasia Offers:

  • A safe, non-judgemental and celebratory space to express through sound.
  • Opportunities to discover and explore your own voice, both the intuitive inner voice and the literal sound of your own resonance.
  • A place to voice your deepest and most powerful wish for your life.
  • Specific coaching tools and support for allowing those deep heart intentions to become manifest realities in the material world.