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Fiona Cranwell demonstrates the Alexander Technique, Oscailt, Dublin

Alexander Technique at Oscailt

Alexander Technique has been used for decades by actors, singers and musicians to improve their poise and performance. It seems to have relatively new connections for ordinary people doing everyday activities. It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do whatever you want to do that makes life hard or easy. And so Alexander’s discoveries can help.

  • efficient use of body and mind
  • back pain
  • breathing – improving lung capacity
  • posture – the shape of your body
  • performance – from speaking at a meeting to owning the stage
  • voice – not pushing, allowing
  • sport – prevent injury and maintain pace
  • you stand on your own two feet
  • mindfulness in activity
  • conscious choice

You can learn Alexander’s techniques to help yourself for whatever you wish to work on, in private lessons, weekly classes, or workshops. Corporate and institutional introductory packages can be designed for the aims of your group. Please enquire.

Alexander Technique Practitioner – Fiona Cranwell – Profile

Fiona Cranwell, Alexander Technique Instructor, Oscailt, Dublin
Alexander Technique

Fiona Cranwell

Fiona Cranwell, Alexander Technique Instructor, Oscailt, Dublin

Alexander Technique

Fiona Cranwell

Alexander’s work is often associated with posture, but how we identify posture is often limiting. Posture in its truest sense is not limited to sitting or standing straight, it is the shape of your body in any action you do. How you hold muscle tension determines your shape, and also your efficiency. Understanding this allows you manage your whole self in new ways. Alexander taught us to find our own power in how we choose to use our bodies.

My job is to teach and support people in understanding what holds them back and how they can free themselves for easier use and efficient management of their movement.

I’ve been teaching Alexander for 13 years, having run into trouble with pain and posture myself. It has helped me solve so many problems that it continues to amaze me. Currently I’m blonde and 5 foot 8 and a half, having gained an inch by freeing myself of muscle tension that held me down.

I am fascinated by human beings and how they work, inside and out, individually and in groups. This Alexander journey is learning about life for life. We are here to work and play together, to communicate and support each other. If we are to be kind and take care of others we must start with being kind to ourselves, our muscles and our mind.

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